Projects have included



Developing distribution agreements for products not available or that had the potential for better representation across the Baltic region and building the product portfolio available to meet the needs of the invitro-diagnostics demand in the region.


Designing and improving supply-chain and logistics flows for regional logistics ‘hub’ in Lithuania and to support distribution needs of its partners across Baltics and CIS.

From its in-country position, Gerbera Invest has also been able to provide support and assistance in investment into the infrastructure required to support market development; including land acquisition, office development; and logistics & supply chain expansion that were all required as a consequence of establishing Lithuania as a “hub” for regional development by its partners.

Projects have continued to



To find top-talent to work for partners in the region on a full time and contract basis; and to find industry experts to enhance both the team of our partners and expertise available within our own consultants.


Land purchase opportunities and identification of proven developers to undertake projects.

The experience and knowledge gained from these initial projects now presents the opportunity for Gerbera Invest to build on the ‘invest’ skills within its team to develop opportunities for office space, well-being, healthcare and laboratory investment opportunities across the region.

Current projects & opportunities

Continued support of Regional development across the healthcare sector as part of our long-term partner projects from Lithuania.

Healthcare sector analysis with a focus towards developing potential of clinical laboratories and distribution of related equipment in Southern Europe.

Office development prospects and property acquisition in fast growing markets (e.g. Ukraine).

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